Electrical power systems run on electricity from the utility company which is routed through your property via an electrical switchboard. This is one of the most important aspects of the overall power distribution process and the switchboard’s primary role is to regulate electricity flow.

When it comes to switchboard repairs or replacement, this kind of work must be done by a certified team of experts, because there is no room for mistakes. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and can deal with any type of electrical issue. Trained and equipped to perform the given tasks promptly and efficiently, you can be sure that one of Illawarra’s finest electricians’ team is right by your side.

Top-Notch Switchboard Repair Service

If your switchboard is outdated, it can be prone to short-circuiting. When there are older installation feature fuses instead of modern circuit breakers, they present a danger of electrical shock.

A switchboard repair usually entails replacing any circuit breakers that are faulty or non-functional. In cases when they are very old, the best solution is to replace them or do an upgrade, and our experienced electricians can take care of any of them.

The first step is coming to your premises and conducting a thorough switchboard analysis. After we determine what the malfunction is, we will begin with the repair process immediately. For both installations and repair, we use only the first-class equipment, so you can expect to have a fully functional and safe switchboard in no time.

Residential Switchboard Repairs Illawarra

Highly qualified technicians can easily repair any type of malfunction on your switchboard, no matter how difficult it may appear. If the switchboard replacement is the best possible option, we can take care of it too.

Also, the size of your property will not slow our work, since we can successfully execute repairs on both big and smaller ones. One of our main focuses is to provide you with a switchboard that corresponds to 100% safety regulations of Australia because your well-being is our number one priority. This repair procedure must match Australian electrical standards.

If you’ve experienced frequent fuse blowing or have a constantly flickering light, it is time to give us a call so we can determine what part of the switchboard needs our consideration. Sometimes a system cannot withstand the loads placed on it, and it causes a malfunction, but that can be resolved in a blink of an eye by our experts.

Our licensed electricians are always right on time and they carry out each task with full attention and devotion. We are well-known for our punctuality and immense respect for each of our clients. Additionally, we provide lifetime workmanship guarantee and provide detailed and written quotes.

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For any kind of switchboard malfunction, you can count on us. Our certified and highly-trained technicians will fix any breakdown promptly and efficiently. We will consider our work done only when 100% sure that your switchboard is ready to support the electrical system and operate completely safely.

Give us a call at 1300 658 115 or send us a quote, and you will receive a swift response from our kind customer service. If you are looking for first-rate electrical services that come with a reasonable price, you are at the right place.

We will present you with the customized solution where you get to pay only for the service and electrical components you really require. After all, your satisfaction is our main goal, so we will do our best to exceed your expectations and gain your trust.